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The Tale Of Soldier Fedot / Segey Ovcharov / 104 menit / Color / Rusia.
Kisah tentang kekonyolan tentara Tsar di jaman industri dimana rakyat banyak jatuh miskin. Fedot muncul mencoba menyelamatkan keadaan. Kelucuan pun timbul ketika di berusaha menjadi pahlawan.

The story begins in a small kingdom belonging to a Tsar which one located exactly where the rubbish dump now stand. One day, the British emissary announces his attention to virsit the Tsar for dinner. The Tsar is covered with embrassment - for his storerooms are quite bare. He threfore instructs his huntsman, Fedot to go out into the forest and shoot a partridge. The funny things begin to appear during his task.

Films : Barabaniada ( 1992 ), Pharaon ( 1999 ), Feats Of Hercules ( 1999 ), Sochinushki ( 2000 ), The Tale Of Soldier Fedot ( 2001 )

The Old Oak Blues/ Blanko Schmidt / 100 menit / Color / Kroatia
Osijek, musim gugur 1991. Seorang ekologist dari Inggris, Henry, tiba di Kroasia guna mencegah pemusnahan pohon oak tertua di dunia, yang terdapat di Stari Rstovac, Slovania. Bersama Katie, seorang jurnalis Inggris berkebangsaan Kroasia, Rabi, dan tentara Kroasia, Ante, menuju ke Stari Rastovac yang dijaga ketat oleh tentara Kroasia. Bahaya yang menghadang di hadapan mau tidak mau harus mereka terjang.

Osijek, autumn 1991, the english ecologist Henry arrives in Croatia with the aim of preventing the devastation of the oldest oak tree in the world, which is in Stari Rastovac in eastern Slovania. Together with different people- who accompany him either out of interest or wishing to help him - Katie, an english journalis of Croatian origin, the strange adolescent Robi and a croatina soldier Anter, Henry makes his way to Staro Rastovac, which surround by Serbs. After numerous dangerous and funny events, and a starnge encounter, Henry reacehs Stari Rastovac where events take an unexpected course.

Filmography : Stallion didn't like him ( 1988 ), Duka Begovis ( 1991 ), Vukovar returns home ( 1994 ), Christmas in Vienna ( 1997 ), The Old Oak Blues ( 2000 )

The Last Supper / Vojko Anzeljc / 94 menit / Color / Slovenia
Sebuah komedi hitam yang menyinggung masalah pergaulan bebas di Slovenia. Film ini dibuat oleh dua orang gila, Tincek dan Hugo, yang kabur dari rumah sakit jiwa. Mereka terobsesi untuk membuat film independen. Akhirnya mereka memutuskan untuk membuat film komedi hero dimana Tincek akan menjadi pahlawan di filmnya dengan menyelamatkan seorang perempuan. Mereka lalu bertemu Magdalena seorang pelacur profesional. Kemasan film ini adalah humor. Kejadian pun bertambah konyol manakala Magdalena berusaha untuk tidak lagi menjalani profesinya tersebut.

Tincek and Hugo lead their quiet lives of desperation in a mental institution. That is until they steal a camcorder and escape with the intention of making a film about a guy who comes to the rescue of a fair maiden and is rewarded with a kiss. With Hugo as the cameraman and Tincek as the star, they meet a suicidal prostitute named Magdalena, and a deal is struck. Magdalena will star in their movie, and in the end, Tincek and Hugo will help her kill herself-so long as Tincek, as the hero, gets his farewell kiss. But Zare, Magdalena's violent boyfriend (and pimp), has an altogether different agenda.
Matjaž Javsnik, in an incredible performance as Tincek, is hilarious, endearing, and touching, all at the same time. Taking a page from King of Hearts, director Vojko Anzeljc's debut feature shows the uninhibited world of two institutionalized men and how their innocent childlike view of the world can bring out the beauty and essential goodness in anyone.

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The Tale of Soldier Fedot
Old Oak Blues
The Last Supper