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L'amour L'argent L'amour / Phillip Groening / 134 menit / Color / Prancis
Cerita cinta yang tumbuh di jalan antara seorang gadis tuna wisma, bernama Marie dan pemuda PHK, bernama David. Keduanya bertemu di musim gugur, mereka saling mencintai, mencoba bertahan hidup dengan menjual diri.

David and Marie meet for the first time on a cold winter night in Berlin. They're both out on the streets - she's a prostitute and he's been fired from his job at a junkyard for having a broken arm. One evening David ends up at Marie's small, messy flat. In the morning he asks her to stay with him, hoping they can run away together. Even though at first she gets rid of David, Marie thinks it over and decides to go away with him. David, Marie and her dog Kurt set out on a trip marked by cheap hotels with David's attempts to find work, and Marie's occasional turning tricks. The bitter winter cold contrasts with their efforts to find at least some taste of happiness and the kind of home they imagine. The world, however, seems to be against them.

Philip Gröning (1959, Desseldorf) studied medicine and psychology before turning to filmmaking in 1982 when he enrolled in the Munich Academy for Film and Television. Prior to this he gained some experience in film as a technical crew member and as first assistant director under Peter Keglevic. While in school, Groning developed a taste for screenwriting and also began working as an actor for Keglevic and Nicolas Humbert. His film credits began with the making of several industry videos. This film won two Bronze Leopards for the Best Actor and Best Actress at the IFF Locarno, 2000, also the Hesiian Film Award 2000 for the Best Film and the Swiss Film Award 2001, for the Best Actress (S. Timoteo).

Filmy/Films - 1989: Stachoviak (kr./sh.); Summer; 1992: Die Terroristen!; 1993: Neues Deutchland (TV); 1998: Philosophie; 2000: L´amour, l´argent, l´amour

Behind God's Back / Pablo Llorca / 128 menit / Color / Spanyol
Cerita tentang Rosa, yang jatuh cinta pada orang salah. Rosa bekerja di bar dan akan menikah dengan teman kuliahnya, ditengah kehidupannya muncul seorang pemuda bernama Ivan. Mereka kemudian jatuh cinta. Jalan hidup Rosa pun berubah. Rosa tidak lagi bekerja di bar. Mereka berdua sepakat menjalani kehidupan seatap dengan membuka usaha bar. Kebiasaan berjudi Ivan tidak dapat dicegah oleh Rosa. Keadaan bertambah rumit. Hutang Rosa makin menumpuk. Semua ini karena ulah Ivan yang gemar bermain judi. Bagaimana cerita selanjutnya?

This film tells about Rosa who fall in love with the wrong guy. Rosa works in Bar and getting married ith his college boyfriend. In the middle of the story, Ivan shows up. They fall in love, and agreed to live together and start a bussiness. Ivan have a bad habits, gambling, and he could not to sop his habit. It's become seroius problem for them.

Andel Exit / Vladimir Michalek / 85 menit / Color / Rep. Ceko
Film ganster menceritakan tentang kehidupan gangster di Prague yang terlibat dalam kegiatan narkotik. Mikes, Kaja, Jana, Lukas dan Nada terlibat dalam jaringan narkotik yang berbahaya. Mereka pun harus dapat terjerat dari masalah yang terdapat di sekitar mereka guna menghindarkan diri berurusan dengan kepolisian setempat.

In a hectic and wild story reminiscent of a nightmare, we find ourselves around the reconstructed Prague crossroads, Andel (Angel). Young Mikeš lives nearby. At present he is trying to break free of his former lifestyle. He hooks up with a nice neighbour named Jana who may help him with this. But his friend Lukáš, with his girlfriend Kája, drag him back to drugs and theft. On a trip to South Africa, he and Kája succeed in making a new drug. When he returns home everyone forces the resistant Mikeš to try and recreate the lucky experiment once more.
This film was inspired by Jáchym Topol's novel. The film was shot chronologically on digital video using a minimal crew. The resulting visual effect was created when the film was copied onto 35 mm film.

Vladimír Michálek (1956, Mladá Boleslav) from 1987 to 1992 he studied at Prague's FAMU at the Department of Documentary Production. While still a student, he worked at the Barrandov studios as an assistant director. He has also directed some documentaries and videos. His film Sekal Must Die won the Best Actor's prize at the IFF Karlovy Vary and also the Czech Lion award.

Filmy/Films (hrané/feature) - 1994: Amerika, 1996: Zapomenuté svetlo; 1998: Je teeba zabít Sekala; 2000: Andel Exit.

Close To Love / Andras Salomon / 99 menit / Color / Hungaria
Kisah tentang percintaan seorang polisi Hungaria, dengan gadis imigran Cina. Karscsi dan Mai Lai. Kehidupan mereka menjadi sangat kompleks ketika Karsci terlibat dalam masalah yang besar yaitu kekasihnya mantan seorang pelacur. Bagaimana akhir dari kisah tersebut? Dalam film ini akan sangat terlihat jelas bagaimana kebudayaan timur dan barat bertemu dan berbenturan satu sama lain terutama dalam lingkup keluarga Karcsi.

Nothing makes a character more intriguing than their silence on screen. They blink, they smile, but you never really know what they are thinking. Close To Love pairs up a country boy and a mysterious Chinese woman in a relationship that looks pointless to everyone but the two lovers.

Director Andras Salamon freshens the country boy in the city premise and ends up with a unique film delivering grins and gazes. The film opens with a young man traveling to the city to chase after his dream of being, of all things, a policeman. After a harrowing driving test, Karcsi makes the cut for the squad but his co-workers aren't quite sure about his backwater behavior. And after seeing the mentality of the policemen, Karcsi isn't so sure about their way of dealing with things. But all this is put aside when a young Chinese girl enters his life. The two don't know each other's language and there seems to be little reason for Karcsi to pursue her, but he's in love and sticks with his feelings despite what his friends think about this little 'tramp.' Sometimes erotic and touching, their relationship depends on head nods and small drawings, the exact opposite of the 'finish each other's sentences' Romeo and Juliet tripe.

Close To Love keeps the pace up with excellent side characters and never tries to bury the audience in its motives, instead being concerned with telling a good story about a strange relationship. Tie this all up with an above-par Euro-tech soundtrack, and you've got yourself a festival treat.

Company Jasmine / Yael Katzir / 56 menit / Color / Israel
Kisah tentang sekumpulan perempuan yang dididik menjadi tentara di barak militer Israel untuk menghadapi pertempuran di jalur Gaza dengan tentara muslim. Film ini dibuat pada masa pertempuran jalur Gaza. Pendidikan yang ditempuh merupakan pendidikan akademi militer di mana setiap perempuan dididik dengan militer yang meninggalkan sisi feminisitas kaum perempuan. Beberapa diantara mereka tidak betah dengan didikan militer ini sehingga memutuskan untuk keluar dari barak tentara.

Turning 18 is a significant moment in a young Israeli's life, for it marks the time when both women and men must begin compulsory military service. In Company Jasmine, director Yael Katzir's superb in-the-trenches documentary, 50 female cadets in training for the prestigious Israeli Women Field Officers School are shadowed over a grueling five-month period in the field.

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L'amour L'argent L'amour
Behind God's Back
Andel Exit
Close To Love
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