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Julietta/ Cristopher Stark / 98 menit/ Color / Jerman
Cinta segitiga antara Max, yang mencintai Juliatta, Julietta yang mencintai Jirri. Malapetaka pun timbul. Julietta seorang perempuan dari keluarga kaya memutuskan untuk tinggal dengan Jirri pacarnya yang mahasiswa kedokteran itu. Suatu ketika dalam keadaan tak sadar Julietta diperkosa oleh Max. Keadaan pun bertambah rumit manakala ia hamil.

A dramatic teenage love story set against the backdrop of Europe's biggest party, Berlin's Love Parade. Max Loves Julietta, Julietta Loves Jirri, and suddenly the earth starts to stremble. Julietta, a sheltered, 18 years old student from a wealthy family in Stuttgart heads to Berlin with her boyfriend, Jirri, a medical student. Swept away by the ecstatic masses, they eventually lose sight each other. Julietta wanders through the crowds trying to find Jirri when she finally collapse from exhaustion and the influence of designer drugs. She is rescued by Max, A DJ, who is fascinated by the beautiful Julietta and in a surreal state a mind makes love to her while she is still unconscious. Six weeks later Julietta discovers that she is pregnant and heads back to Berlin in search of Jirri, but instead run into Max, who has since become friends with Jirri and once again appears to be Julietta's guardian angel. Determined to ignored the growing attraction between them, she finally finds Jirri, who is shocked at first but then joyfull accept fatherhood.

Max however, can no no longer stand to keep the truth from Julietta and reveals anything. The three lovers are headed for a dramatic confrontation.

Crazy / Hans Christian Schmid / 100 menit / Color / Jerman
Cerita tentang anak-anak penghuni asrama putra yang sedang mengalami masa puber. Mereka berusaha mencari tahu tentang masa puber mereka dengan mengunjungi bar-bar yang didatangi orang dewasa. Kejadian makin runyam manakala mereka tidak mampu menahan gejolak puber mereka.

A story of boys boarding school and thir growth. They tries to find out by entering pubs of addults people. The story begin to tremble, when they could stand of their passions.

Films : It's a Jungle Out There ( 1996 ), 23 (1998 ), Crazy ( 2000 )

Young Love / 2001/ 115 menit / Color / Finlandia
Jukka, 13 tahun, fotografer cilik memotret Johanna dalam keadaan bugil. Hal tersebut kemudian diketahui oleh Johanna. Namun, mereka kemudian mendaftarkan diri untuk mengikuti kontes wajah Young Love yang memilih para remaja putri untuk menjadi model remaja di Finlandia. Dalam perjalannya Jukka jatuh cinta terhadap Johanna. Akankah cinta mereka bersemi sementara ibu Jukka menjadi penghalang diantara keduanya ?

A truly unique coming-of-age film, Young Love, is the heart-warming story of love, youthful dreams, and tolerance of those who may be different.
Jukka is a precocious 13-year-old outcast, hiding behind his camera, as he painfully grows up in the suburbs. Spying on neighbors with a telephoto lens, he notices the beautiful Johanna admiring her naked body in a mirror. Astounded by his good fortune, Jukka takes pictures to capture the wondrous sight; however, the entrance of Johanna's abusive stepfather interrupts the fantasy.
Befriending Johanna and believing he is the "knight in shining armor" to transport her from dreary suburbia, Jukka convinces Johanna that his photography skills will make her a famous model. This would also give Jukka occasion to escape his tortured adolescence and follow his new infatuation. But this unlikely friendship, founded on fortuitous happenstance, will change their lives in ways neither can anticipate.
With shades of Antonioni's Blow Up, director Arto Lehkamo tells a moving story of self-discovery, conducted with humor and sensitivity. With surprising poignancy, Young Love is a beautifully accurate portrayal of the adolescent years and how it is a time when one steps out from behind the camera to meet the real world.

Blind Man's Bluff / Aner Preminger / 95 menit / Color / Israel
Miki Stav, seorang gadis berjuang seorang diri untuk dapat lepas dari tekanan batin sejak kanak-kanak. Dia kemudian terlibat asmara dengan Amnon seorang penyanyi yang juga tetangganya yang belakangan diketahuinya akan segera menikah. Sebelumnya Miki adalah seorang pemain resital piano yang sangat terkenal di Israel. Perbedaan latar belakang diantara keduanya memunculkan ketegangan. Persuaan mereka pun menyebabkan keduanya berselingkuh. Hal ini akhirnya menyebabkan Miki menjadi merana manakala Amnon akan segera menikah.

Miki Stav, a girl try to struggle for herself from her past depresion. She had affair with Amnon, a pub singer. Miki Stav was a famous recital piano in her country. Amnon, later known had enggaged and want to marry soon. Miki don't realize about this situation. She totally heart breaking.

Never Mind The Wall / Connie Walther / 94 menit / Color /Jerman
Berlin 1982. Nele, 17 tahun, dilahirkan di Jerman Barat. Kehidupannya berubah ketika dia berjumpa dengan Iron Curtain, personel dari Punk yang sangat terkenal di Jerman. Mereka kemudian jatuh cinta hingga percintaan mereka tidak disetujui oleh kedua orang tua mereka karena kehidupan Iron Curtain yang brutal. Lalu apa yang kemudian terjadi ?

Berlin 1982. 17-year-old Nele was born and raised in West Berlin, with the ever-present Wall. The other side looked grey and empty until the day when she first crossed through the Iron Curtain and met the young Punk, Captain. A fleeting moment, an exchange of glances - for Nele it's love at first sight. Captain is an East Berliner, a man from another world, yet when this girl from the West meets the rebel from the East, they both know this is it. But the divided city has no place for the young lovers, who find themselves united against the world on both sides. Captain's father can't accept her, his gang doesn't trust her, and Nele's best friend is jealous of their love. But the real danger comes from the Stasi (Secret Service), who see Captain and his band as a subversive element. After a raid, Nele is expelled from East Germany, with no hope of ever seeing Captain again. But when she learns of his arrest, she desperately seeks a way to slip back into the East and rescue her great love.

Designed by : Hasto Suprayogo (Noodle Design 2002)
Young Love
Blind Man's Bluff
Never Mind The Wall