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SESI FILM RUSIA/ Russian Panorama

The Red One Triumph / Oleg Pogodin-Vladimir Alenikov / 80 menit / Color / Rusia
Andre, manusia yang ambisius, adalah pengedar obat bius. Kakaknya, Red adalah seorang yang mempunyai jaringan pengedar obat-obatan. Keinginan Andre adalah menjadi big boss di bisnis ini dan ditakuti. Suatu ketika Andre bertemu dengan Julia dan jatuh cinta terhadapnya.

Andrei, a.k.a. Red, is a young drug dealer, trawling hotel corridors, selling little bags of hits to hookers and businessmen alike. Shrewd and tough, he has seen more than his fair share of life. But he has a problem - a gang, the Abreks, have moved into his territory and are forcing prices down. Andrei is a loner attached to no one, but he is smart. He knows a member of another gang, Peaky, who runs with the X-Rays. Andrei manages to get them some firearms and concocts his plan to run the Abreks out of his area. When Red sees Julie, the Princess, for the first time, he is helplessly smitten. But she's involved in a Romeo and Juliet story - a member of the X-Rays, she has fallen for a young refugee from Baku who is an Abrek. As Red plans to destroy the Abreks, he also schemes for Julie's heart…
With names like Wrench, Duke, Fat Harry and IV, we are in a very different world from that of traditional Russian cinema. This film features a cast who look almost pre-pubescent - it has the feel of a children's movie that has run off the rails. But these children have had to grow up quickly, their nocturnal wanderings take place in the shadows of drug deals and casual gunfire.

Oleg Pogodin (1965) graduated in film theory and history at the Moscow Film School VGIK. In the early 90s he made numerous videos and television commercials and played as an actor in several movies. He also directed the serial for children, Kotovasia. He is the director of the final version of this film, which is his feature debut.
Vladimir Alenikov (1948, St. Petersburg) studied at the philology department of Leningrad State University and the directors department of Leningrad State Institute of Theatre, Music and Cinematography. He made 30 short comedy films for children, so called Jumble. He is a scriptwriter and director of several prize-winning films at international and also Russian film festivals.

Films (Vladimir Alenikov) - 1974: Sad; 1979: Žil-byl nastrojik (TV); 1983: Priklychenija Petrova i Vašechkina obyknovennije, i neverojatnyje (TV seriál); 1984: Kanikuly Petrova obyknovennyje i neverojatnyje (TV); 1985: Nepochodžaja (TV); 1986: Nužnyje udi (TV); 1989: Bindyužnik i korol; 1991: Fiofanija, rizujušaja smer; 1996: The Russian Masters of Detection; 2000: Dnevnik ryžiego

Sisters / Sergei Bodrov / 85 menit / color / Russia
Dua gadis bersaudara, hidup terpisah mereka tak saling mencintai. Namun manakala gadis yang termuda dalam bahaya, satu-satunya yang dapat menolongnya hanyalah kakak tertuanya. Maka mereka saling menolong untuk dapat bertahan.

Two girls, two half sisters, live apart. They don't love each other. But when the younger girl meets serious danger, the only person who can help her is the older sister. So they forced to flee together in order to survive.

Previous Festivals : Rotterdam IFF ( 2002 ), Karlovy Vary IFF ( 2002 ), Tel Aviv IFF ( 2002 )

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The Red One Triumph