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No Turning Back/ Jesus Nebot/ 99 menit / Color / USA
Setelah kehilangan istrinya, kandungan dan juga rumahnya tatkala terjadi angin puyuh di Honduras, Pablo membawa anak berusia 5 tahun (Christina) bersamanya dan berimigrasi ke USA. Suatu ketika ia menabrak seorang anak di jalan raya, kehidupannya pun berubah. Pablo menjadi orang yang dicari polisi karena ternyata ia adalah imigran gelap. Soid pun muncul untuk membantunya lolos ke negara Meksiko.

After losing his wife and house to Hurricane Mitch in Honduras, Pablo illegally immigrated to the United States in an attempt to offer a better future for his five year old daughter, Cristina. A few months later it is Cristina's birthday, and Pablo borrows his boss's truck to surprise his daughter at school and take her to the cinema. On the way there, a dog jumps into his path, and Pablo quickly jerks the wheel. He loses complete control of the truck and a tragic accident occurs. Wild thoughts frantically cross his mind - he has no license, he is an illegal immigrant, and has fatally injured a little girl. Emotionally caught between what he has done, and his love and care for Cristina, Pablo will do anything to make sure that his daughter doesn't become another victim of his tragic destiny.
A very real and noble film with all the right elements - drama, humour, pathos and suspense. A truly compelling story told with extraordinary sensibility.
Jesus Nebot is an award winning Spanish actor, filmmaker and producer. His recent acting roles in the United States includes the series NYPD Blues, The Sentinel, Angel From The Sky. In 1999 he founded Zokalo, an independent production company based in Santa Monica, California. No Turning Back is his first feature film, which won the Grand Jury Award at the IFF Rhode Island 2001 and also the Audience Award at the IFF Malaga 2001.

Julia Montejo completed her studies in screenwriting, directing, producing and literature from UCLA in California. She has written several scripts for American films and also for Spanish tele-series. She has been published in the poetry magazine Rio Arga and is an Associate Professor in screenwriting at the University of Navarra. No Turning Back is her first feature film as director.

Films - 2001: No Turning Back

The American Wet Dream / 85 menit / Color / USA
Video eksperimen tentang seorang remaja hip-hop yang bertugas sebagai pengantar barang ( delivery man ) ke berbagai tempat. Film ini mengupas sisi lain dari kehidupannya.

An Expereiment film of delivery man. This film show us how his daily life.

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No Turning Back
The American Wet Dream